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Hear Your D&D Campaigns

Brought To Life!

You remember that time when the hit points were low and the stakes were high? The arch-wizard was poised to lay waste to the unsuspecting village. But then . . .


Every game group has that memorable moment in their campaign.

Now you can hear that moment performed by a team of voice actors and sound engineers. Immortalize your campaign with our team!


Cape Swoosh Productions is taking submissions now for Early Adopter discounts. Email us a description of your campaign story and we will make it real. Make us the bards of your legend. Listen to a sample of our tale below:

What would it sound like?

Here is an example of a fully produced campaign from one of our games!

Unknown Track - Unknown Artist
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Sounds Great!

How Do I Post My Quest?

Simply write us an email below detailing a quest of yours, or a moment in a larger campaign. Then we will contact you to gather more information on your heroes, NPC's, and world before we write you a script that you would approve again. Now the true magic begins. Our team will perform and edit a ten minute audio drama of your tale and send it to you! 

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